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Amy Deluxe - Stick Steel Plus ss 09

Amy Deluxe - Stick Steel Plus ss 09

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The AMY Deluxe Stick Steel SS09R is the pinnacle of minimalism within the AMY Deluxe range of stainless steel water pipes. With a height of approximately 80 centimeters, this water pipe stands out for its size compared to other shishas from the brand. The elegantly shaped glass vase, sleek smoke column and overall minimalist design make this water pipe a showpiece for water pipe enthusiasts.

The handy airtight screw connection of the AMY Deluxe Stick Steel SS09R ensures that the vase is firmly attached to the flue. The wide inner shafts optimize airflow, making it easy to inhale and produce large clouds of smoke. The excellent heat dissipation contributes to a perfectly cooled smoking experience. Make sure you close the screw connection completely for thick clouds of smoke without leakage.

The water pipe is equipped with a soft and flexible high-quality silicone hose that does not kink easily. This model, comparable to the Amy Deluxe Dark Steel and Amy Deluxe Feather Steel, fits effortlessly into any interior due to its sleek and simple appearance, whether in your own home or in a shisha lounge. This Amy Deluxe Stick Steel ss09 comes with accessories such as:

  • classic transparent vase
  • stainless steel smoke column
  • glass head with heat manager
  • aluminum mouthpiece
  • dish
  • tongs for coal
  • sealing set
  • hose holder
  • silencer
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