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Amy Deluxe Galactic Steel S 1200

Amy Deluxe Galactic Steel S 1200

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The Galactic Steel S makes an otherworldly impression with its design. The colorful acrylic smoke column takes you on a journey through the nebula of the Milky Way. The design is complemented by the timeless elegance of stainless steel, combined with a perfectly shaped, signature vase. Bring the colors of the Milky Way into your living room with the Amy Deluxe Galactic Steel S!

The delivery of the AMY 1200 includes:

Stone head with Hotscreen
Stainless steel smoke column covered with acrylic
Glass vase
Click system
1 connection
Closed room system
Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
Coal plate, coal tongs
Removable diffuser (for significant noise reduction while smoking)
The closed chamber system offers two advantages. First, stale or scratchy smoke can easily be blown out of the glass. The smoke is easily expelled through the flow channels that point downwards. In traditional hookahs this requires significantly more effort - the smoke stays in the glass!

In addition, the closed chamber system improves the overall smoking experience. The smoking experience is affected by several factors, such as the inner diameter of the connections, the air volume of the hookah, and so on. Unlike a conventional water pipe, the closed system has a smaller air volume. This improves the draw of the hookah, making it easier to suck.
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