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Amy Deluxe Juice Catcher Alu

Amy Deluxe Juice Catcher Alu

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Often with moister tobacco there is the problem that molasses leaks from the tobacco head, causing the smoke column and bowl to become dirty. The AMY Molasses Catcher offers a solution here! It is simply screwed onto the smoke column of your AMY Deluxe Shisha. Then place the head adapter and coal holder on as usual. The molasses flowing down is collected in the molasses catcher.

Price/quality winner: Finding a molasses catcher cheaper is difficult. This simple molasses catcher fulfills its purpose and fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the shisha.

Dirty day: The AMY Molasses Catcher keeps your shisha clean. Tobacco leaves and molasses are collected in the molasses depot. This keeps the shisha fresh and clean for longer. The molasses catcher consists of two parts, can be unscrewed and is therefore easy to clean.

Compatibility: The molasses catcher fits almost all AMY Deluxe models. However, it should be noted that the brass molasses catcher should not be combined with other materials (stainless steel, aluminum).
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