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Blackcoco 1 kg

Blackcoco 1 kg

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The CUBES26 coconut charcoal promises a rich hookah smoking experience. The choice of charcoal has a major influence on the quality of the smoking session. Coconut charcoal has proven to be a favorite among hookah enthusiasts over the years, and for good reason. To cater to different preferences, BLACKCOCO's offers a varied range of coconut coals for hookah lovers.

Let's explore the characteristics of our charcoal types and find your perfect match. Our charcoal is special compared to other brands, and it is wise not to skimp on quality when choosing coconut charcoal for your hookah. Let's start with our classic, the CUBES26 natural charcoal.

Efficient square: 26 mm for all types of heads
The size of the charcoal is crucial, especially for the fit in your hookah bowl. The dimensions of 26mm x 26mm are perfect for regular cups and fire pits. They fit easily over the openings of cups, giving you flexibility while smoking. After use, you can safely handle and dispose of them because of their cohesive shape.

BLACKCOCO's CUBES26 offers the right balance between size and burn time, meeting the needs of most hookah users. This conclusion is based on years of positive customer feedback. For gatherings or gifts, the CUBES26 is a reliable choice.

Neutral combustion without flavor transfer
A hallmark of BLACKCOCO's natural charcoal is its consistent and tasteless combustion. Say goodbye to messy ash and crumbled bits. Our coconut charcoal is designed to provide an ideal smoking experience without any unwanted side effects. In addition, the coal is free of chemicals, which ensures a premium and natural product. Strict quality checks are carried out for each batch, ensuring high standards.

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