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Celeste Shisha

Celeste Shisha

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It is fascinating to learn more about EL-BADIA's iconic CELESTE® water pipe and its evolution since its launch in 2006. The emphasis on design, functionality and versatility is evident in the product's features and improvements.

The cone-shaped acrylic vase that guarantees stability and the compact dimensions, combined with robustness and lightness, make the CELESTE® hookah remarkably portable. The addition of trendy colors further increases the visual appeal, making it suit a wide range of preferences.

The inclusion of a phunnel bowl compatible with the KALOUD LOTUS® heating system and classic aluminum preparations, together with a flexible silicone hose and a matching metal handle, shows attention to detail to provide a fully featured and user-friendly experience.

The modularity of the CELESTE® water pipe is impressive and allows it to be compatible with various pipes, heat management systems and accessories on the market. This adaptability, whether for the QUASAR RAAS® thermal fireplace, KALOUD LOTUS® heating system, KALOUD SAMSARIS® fireplaces or other chimney systems, offers users flexibility and personalization.

The addition of a serial number to verify authenticity is a smart and advanced addition that addresses the problem of counterfeit products on the market. This technology adds an extra layer of assurance for customers looking for genuine CELESTE® bongs.

In summary, the new CELESTE® hookah appears to be a well thought out and improved version, combining style, functionality and authenticity to create a versatile and coveted choice for hookah enthusiasts.
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