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Dschinni Apollon

Dschinni Apollon

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The Dschinni Apollon glass pipe head: a revolution in the enjoyment of water pipes

The world of hookah enjoyment has a new star: the Dschinni Apollon glass pipe head. In this article we will introduce the unique features and benefits of this revolutionary phunnel and show how it can take your Shisha experience to a new level.

The magic of the Apollon glass barrel head
The Dschinni Apollon glass pipe head is designed to make hookah smoking easier than ever. Wasting tobacco is a thing of the past and every puff provides a flavor explosion. This phunnel has a high-quality stainless steel MOD that directs airflow throughout the tobacco, ensuring unadulterated flavor.

Top quality materials
The Dschinni Apollon glass plunger cup is made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3, which is not only tasteless, but also easy to clean and extremely heat-resistant. This allows you to enjoy your phunnel for a long time without compromising on quality.

Easy installation
Mounting the Apollon glass barrel head is very easy. Follow these instructions:

4.1. Place the MOD in the head
Place the stainless steel MOD into the head of the phunnel.

4.2. Build the tobacco loosely up to the mark
Build the tobacco loosely up to the mark in the phunnel.

4.3. Place the HMD attachment and fill it with coal
Place the HMD attachment and fill it with coal.

4.4. Enjoy a flavor explosion
Now enjoy an incomparable explosion of flavor with every puff.

The advantages of the Apollon glass plunger head
5.1. Taste neutral
Thanks to the high-quality borosilicate glass, the taste of the tobacco remains unadulterated and you can fully experience every aroma.
5.2. No inclusion of molasses
Unlike conventional clay and stone products, the Apollon glass phunnel head does not absorb molasses, which gives the tobacco a longer shelf life.

5.3. Sustainable quality
The use of high-quality materials and the stainless steel MOD ensure a long service life of the phunnel.

5.4. Suitable for everyone
The Dschinni Apollon glass pipe head is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users and professionals who are looking for an unforgettable water pipe experience.

The Dschinni Apollon glass pipe head is an absolute must-have for every water pipe lover. With its unique construction, high-quality materials and incomparable flavor explosions, it takes Shisha smoking to a higher level. Try it out now and experience a new dimension of hookah enjoyment!
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