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Dschinni Chemney Vulcan Air

Dschinni Chemney Vulcan Air

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The Dschinni Kaminaufsatz Vulcan Air, made from high-quality stainless steel with groundbreaking Air Flow Technology, is an innovative product that takes your water pipe smoking experience to a higher level. This kaminaufsatz promises perfect heat regulation and worry-free smoking enjoyment for all types of heads: from clay to stone and glass.

Kaminaufsätze for heat management
A kaminaufsatz is an accessory for hookah heads that improves heat management. The tube in the middle plays a crucial role in this by allowing excess heat to escape. This optimizes the heat in the cup, which prevents overheating of the tobacco.

Advantages of the Vulcan Kaminaufsatz
The Vulcan Kaminaufsatz distinguishes itself by its innovative Air Flow Technology, which solves a common problem with conventional kaminaufsätze. Often the bottom of the coals turns black and extinguishes due to insufficient oxygen supply. With Dschinni's Air Flow Technology, the coal is continuously supplied with sufficient oxygen, so that it burns optimally and the heat can be ideally regulated.

Adjustment of heat output
Controlling the heat output with the Vulcan Kaminaufsatz is easy. Placing the coal in the center and close to the tube generates more heat. If you want less heat, place the cabbage closer to the outer edge of the kaminaufsatz. This offers every hookah smoker the opportunity to customize heat management for the ideal smoking experience.

Universal fit for all heads
The Vulcan Kaminaufsatz is suitable for all types of heads, from clay to stone and glass. Regardless of your preference, this kaminaufsatz fits perfectly. Dschinni recommends using the Vulcan Kaminaufsatz with a Glaskopf Nero for a particularly intense smoking experience.

High-quality materials and craftsmanship
The Dschinni Kaminaufsatz Vulcan Air is made of brushed food-safe 304 stainless steel. This high-quality material not only guarantees a long service life of the kaminaufsatz, but also ensures a hygienic smoking experience. The air slots in the stainless steel ensure optimal air supply, which, in combination with the Air Flow Technology, ensures even and efficient combustion of the coal.

The Dschinni Kaminaufsatz Vulcan Air with Air Flow Technology is undoubtedly an innovative solution for perfect heat regulation when smoking hookah. With high-quality stainless steel and well-thought-out construction, this kaminaufsatz offers an excellent smoking experience for all hookah lovers. Thanks to the unique Air Flow Technology, the heat is optimally regulated and the oxygen supply to the coal remains constant, which allows problem-free and enjoyable smoking.
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