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Dschinni Firelblade 3D coal burner

Dschinni Firelblade 3D coal burner

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Dschinni Premium Electric Coal Burner Fireblade for Hookah Coal: The fastest and cleanest way to light coal!

In this article we review the Dschinni Premium coal burner Fireblade, an innovative and efficient coal lighting solution for hookah lovers. We will discuss the features and benefits of this coal burner and provide some useful tips on how to get the most out of your coal burner. Let's get started right away!

The Dschinni Premium coal burner Fireblade in detail
The Dschinni Premium coal burner Fireblade is a revolutionary coal burner that allows you to ignite your hookah coals quickly and evenly. The special 3D spiral on the inside of the coal burner heats the coal from all sides, which ensures a fast and efficient glowing phase. Within about 5 minutes you will reach the optimal temperature to fully enjoy the taste of your hookah tobacco.

Fast, clean and easy to use
Using the Dschinni Premium coal burner is extremely simple. You simply connect the coal burner to a power source and you can start. The heating coil is made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures that the coal burner is durable and does not wear out quickly.

An interesting tip to speed up the process is to use a metal cylinder on the heating coil. This creates a chimney effect and accelerates the heating of the coals even more. A major advantage of the Dschinni Premium coal burner is that it has two handles. With the first handle you can remove the coals and grid from the coal burner, and with the second handle you can carry the hot coal burner safely and comfortably.

Important tips for use
To get the most out of your Dschinni Premium coal burner, here are some important tips:

Turning coals: When the coals have heated through to the center, turn them over to avoid a crack in the center.

Removing ash: After the coals have completely burned through, take them with tongs and blow or tap off the ash layer to get a bright glow.

Complete annealing phase: Make sure that the coals no longer have black areas on all sides and are completely annealed to avoid unpleasant coal taste.

Advantages of the Dschinni Premium coal burner
There are some impressive benefits that make the Dschinni Premium coal burner a must-have for hookah lovers:

Quick and clean ignition: With the Dschinni coal burner you can get your coals glowing in a very short time, without compromising on quality and cleanliness.

Compact size: The size of the coal burner makes it easy to store and portable, so you can take it anywhere without any hassle.

Integrated coal basket: The coal burner has a handy coal basket that protects the heating coil and extends the life of the device.

Fast heating time: Thanks to its powerful heating coil, the coal burner can heat your coals in just 5 minutes.

Secure placement: The four rubber feet ensure secure placement of the coal burner on the surface and prevent slipping.
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