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Dschinni HMD Phunnel

Dschinni HMD Phunnel

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HMD Adapters Shisha Smokebox Screen Head Accessory from Dschinni

In the world of hookah enthusiasts, there are constant innovations that aim to improve the smoking experience. One notable product that stands out from traditional Heat Management Devices (HMDs) is Dschinni's new HMD adapter. This article highlights the Dschinni HMD and its unique features that revolutionize the enjoyment and safety of hookah smoking.

The challenge with traditional HMDs
Until now, the transportation of traditional HMDs after smoking was often cumbersome and dangerous. Coal tongs were required to remove the hot HMD, which could result in burns. This not only disrupted the relaxing pleasure, but also posed a potential danger.

The innovation of the Dschinni HMD adapter
Dschinni has come up with a groundbreaking solution to the transport problem with its HMD adapter. The adapter has a heat-resistant silicone handle that is attached to both the adapter itself and the lid. This allows easy and effortless transport of the hot HMD without burning your fingers.

The influence of the studs
Another crucial feature of the Dschinni HMD lies in the studs placed inside the device. These nubs ensure an efficient air flow to the bottom of the coals, creating constant heat development. The result is a pure, clean and intense taste that makes hookah smoking a real pleasure.

Say goodbye to aluminum foil and annoying holes
With the Dschinni HMD, annoying aluminum foils and difficult holes are a thing of the past. The special coating of the HMD prevents the tobacco from burning to the device and makes it easier to remove after smoking. This means less hassle and more time to fully enjoy the smoking experience.

Excellent quality and craftsmanship
The Dschinni HMD adapters are distinguished by their excellent quality and craftsmanship. The company has a long experience that is reflected in this innovative product. The high-quality materials and careful workmanship guarantee a long service life and reliable performance of the Dschinni HMD.

Benefits of the Dschinni HMD in a nutshell
Individually adjustable smoke development
Simple and step-by-step temperature control
Longer smoking time and intense taste experience
Universal compatibility
The Dschinni HMD adapter fits 99% of all hookah heads, including clay heads, glass heads, silicone heads and hookah Phunnel heads. The innovative double ring base construction makes it ideal for both small and large tobacco heads.

More taste and purity
The Dschinni HMD ensures optimal release of aromas from tobacco and other water pipe products such as vapor stones or pastes. The special shape of the wind protection and the pure aluminum without chemical additives guarantee that no more tobacco burns and therefore the full flavor is retained.

Easy to use
The Dschinni HMD is easy to handle. The heat management of the Shisha Smokebox can be controlled by simply removing and setting up coals. This means that burning is no longer necessary and there will be no more ash in the hookah tobacco. A further reason to say goodbye to the old aluminum foil and the hookah Kaminaufsatz.
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