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Dschinni Loco Mouthpiece Six

Dschinni Loco Mouthpiece Six

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Dschinni Universal Shisha Glass Mouthpiece Crystal Loco Six 40cm: Health and Elegance Combined

Glass - a material that represents purity, elegance and health. In a world where more and more people consciously avoid harmful metals, aluminum and plastic, Dschinni introduces a remarkable innovation: The Dschinni Universal Shisha Glass Mouthpiece Twisted Crystal Loco Six 40cm. In this article we will delve deeper into why this mouthpiece is an excellent choice for shisha lovers who value quality, health and aesthetics.

The Meaning of High Quality Mouthpieces
Why is the choice of material important?

It's no secret that the material our shisha mouthpieces are made of can have a significant impact on our shisha experience. Many people prefer glass because of its inherent properties - it is tasteless, free of harmful chemicals and aesthetically pleasing.

Dschinni's Vision
The idea of ​​making mouthpieces from high-quality glass stems from the awareness of the long-term effects of inferior materials on our health. Dschinni aims to offer shisha lovers a healthier and at the same time stylish alternative.

The Masterpieces of Glassworking
High Borosilicate Glass 3.3 - A Class Apart

The "Loco" mouthpiece series from Dschinni is made of high borosilicate glass 3.3, a material that meets the highest quality standards. It is free from harmful chemicals, heat resistant and impresses with its crystal clear appearance. This glass not only gives the mouthpieces a timeless elegance, but also guarantees the purity of the shisha experience.

Craft Masterpieces
To ensure that every mouthpiece meets the highest quality standards, Dschinni relies on handcraft and mouth-blown craftsmanship. Each piece is the result of dedication and attention to detail. The unique twisted shape created by this artisanal approach gives the mouthpieces a touch of individuality and refinement.

Style and Functionality in One
A Masterpiece of Aesthetics

The Dschinni Universal Shisha Glass Mouthpiece Twisted Crystal Loco Six 40cm is not just a mouthpiece, but a real optical highlight. Its crystal clear appearance gives it a luxurious look that fits seamlessly into any shisha setup. With a 10mm opening, it also provides great airflow, intensifying the shisha experience.

Versatile Use
Another remarkable aspect of this mouthpiece is its universal applicability. It fits effortlessly on all silicone hoses, opening up a wide range of possibilities for shisha lovers.

Maintenance-friendly and Durable
The mouthpieces are not only a feast for the eyes, but also extremely practical. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, which makes cleaning a breeze. Please note, however, that caution must be exercised with colored nozzles as dishwashing liquid could damage the colour.

Health Benefits of Glass
Choosing the Dschinni Universal Shisha Glass Mouthpiece Twisted Crystal Loco Six 40cm offers numerous health benefits:

Chemical Free: Glass is a natural material and free from harmful chemicals that might be present in inferior plastics.
Taste neutrality: Glass does not affect the taste of tobacco or aromas, guaranteeing a pure shisha experience.
Heat resistance: The glass used is extremely heat resistant and can withstand the high temperatures when smoking a shisha.
Antibacterial and hygienic: Glass is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean, which guarantees a hygienic shisha session.
Harder and scratch resistant: Compared to other types of glass, borosilicate glass is harder and more resistant to scratches.
A Masterpiece of Craft
The Dschinni Universal Shisha Glass Mouthpiece Twisted Crystal Loco Six 40cm embodies the synthesis of high-quality materials, artisanal mastery and aesthetic elegance. It is not only a mouthpiece, but also a statement for conscious shisha smoking and the demand for quality.
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