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Dschinni Nero Steenkop

Dschinni Nero Steenkop

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Handmade Dschinni Shisha Stone Head - Optimal enjoyment for shisha lovers

In the world of shisha smoking there are constantly new innovations that improve the smoking experience. One of the newest products on the market is the handmade Dschinni Shisha Steenkop. In this article we will take an in-depth look at this high-quality and unique product that has been specially developed for shisha enthusiasts to provide an unparalleled smoking experience.

The Perfect Combination: Schamottkopf Nero and Kaminaufsatz
The Schamottkopf Nero in combination with a Kaminaufsatz is a Dschinni product and is the ideal combination for every shisha lover. This unique shisha head has been developed with great attention to detail to meet the needs of demanding smokers.

Huge Smoke Production - Giant Clouds
The massive 280g tobacco head of the Schamottkopf Nero optimally heats the tobacco in any setup and creates gigantic clouds of smoke. Whether you use it with a Smokebox, aluminum foil, Kaminaufsatz, Kamin or shisha oven - the result is always an impressively dense smoke that makes the heart of every shisha lover beat faster.

100% Taste without Additional Flavors
A major problem for many shisha smokers is the unwanted aftertaste of coal, clay or silicone that can affect the taste of the tobacco. With the Schamottkopf Nero this problem is a thing of the past. This high-quality stone head guarantees that you can enjoy your favorite tobacco with a pure and unadulterated taste. Longer Smoking - No Tobacco Waste
The special glaze of the Schamottkopf Nero ensures optimal heat distribution. This allows you to enjoy the tobacco for up to 30 minutes longer and at the same time avoids unnecessary waste of tobacco.

Solid Craftsmanship - Unique Masterpieces
A special feature of the Schamottkopf Nero is the extensive craftsmanship invested in each head. This ensures that each shisha head is a truly unique piece. The lovingly placed 4 holes ensure optimal air circulation, whether you smoke wet or dry tobacco.

Eye-catcher - Aesthetically Attractive Design
In addition to its first-class performance, the Schamottkopf Nero also stands out for its aesthetically pleasing design. The matte head made of natural stone with a chic gold edge not only attracts smoke lovers, but also makes an excellent optical impression. Compared to clay, silicone or ceramic heads, this stone head makes a special statement and gives your shisha a touch of luxury.

Compatibility and Use
The Schamottkopf Nero is versatile and fits universally on every shisha and head seal. The rough inside of the head facilitates grip on the seal and ensures a secure fit. Building the head is simple and quick; you just need to place the tobacco loosely in the cup. We recommend smoking the head with the Dschinni Vulcan Air, but other Kaminaufsätze are also compatible.
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