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Dschinni Armor Foil

Dschinni Armor Foil

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Dschinni Shisha Panzerfoil Alu Foil 15cmx25mx40μm: Perfect Shisha Foil for an incomparable smoking experience
Choosing the right shisha foil plays a crucial role for the perfect smoking experience. Dschinni, a well-known brand in the shisha industry, has developed the ideal solution for all shisha enthusiasts: the Dschinni Panzerfolie Alu Foil with a thickness of 40μm. In this article we will delve deeper into this special shisha oil, its unique properties and how it takes hookah smoking to a new level.

1. The advantages of the Dschinni Panzerfoil
1.1 Extreme stability and tear resistance
The Dschinni Panzerfoil is extremely stable and tear-resistant, making head building extremely easy even for beginners. Unlike conventional cling films, it always stays tight and does not wobble or vibrate, keeping the coals in place and ensuring even combustion.

1.2 Reduced contact between cabbage and tobacco
By using the Dschinni Panzer foil, sufficient distance is kept between the cabbage and the tobacco in the cup. This means there is no unwanted contact between the molasses and the coal, which makes the smoking experience considerably more pleasant.

2. Simple head construction with the Panzerfoil
Using the Dschinni Panzerfoil is very simple. Simply cut off the desired amount of foil and adjust it individually to the shisha head. Depending on personal preferences, the holes and air supply in the head can then be adjusted with a shisha fork or poker.

3. Special features of the Dschinni Panzerfoil
3.1 Extra thickness for optimal performance
With a thickness of 40μm, the Dschinni Panzer film is approximately six times as thick as conventional household films. This means that one layer of foil is sufficient for an optimal smoking experience. The 15cm wide roll of foil also offers a generous total length of 25m, which is enough for countless smoking sessions.

3.2 High quality from our own production
Dschinni has stood for the best quality from its own production since 2010. The brand continuously accumulates experience and continuously develops its products to offer customers an innovative and high-quality product line.

4. Conclusion: The perfect shisha foil for demanding smokers
The Dschinni Panzerfolie Alu Foil 15cmx25mx40μm is undoubtedly one of the best shisha foils on the market. Its extreme stability, tear resistance and extra thickness make it an excellent choice for all shisha lovers looking for an incomparable smoking experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shisha smoker, the Dschinni Panzerfolie will inspire you and take your smoking sessions to a new level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How thick is the Dschinni Panzerfoil?
The Dschinni Panzerfilm has a thickness of 40μm, approximately six times as thick as conventional household films.

For which shisha heads is the Panzerfoil suitable?
The Panzerfoil is suitable for all clay heads, Phunnel heads and flat shisha heads.

How is the foil attached to the shisha head?
The foil is simply stretched over the shisha head and individually loosened.

Is the Dschinni Panzerfoil tear-resistant?
*Yes, the Panzerfoil is extremely stable and tear-resistant.

How is the cabbage placed on the foil?
After making the holes, the cabbage is simply placed on the foil and can then be enjoyed.
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