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Dschinni Phunnel Royal

Dschinni Phunnel Royal

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Dschinni Shisha Phunnel Royal Clay Cup
Shisha smoking is a popular tradition that has spread worldwide in recent years. An important part of a high-quality hookah is the cup in which the tobacco is heated. In this article we will take a closer look at the Dschinni Shisha Phunnel Royal Clay Cup and discover what sets it apart from conventional clay and stone cups. We will delve into the special properties of clay and explore its benefits for the hookah experience.

The Special Clay
Clay is a refractory material with excellent thermal properties. It is characterized by a high specific heat capacity of 1.00 kJ/(kg K), making it ideal for use in water pipe heads. High-quality clay has a high Al2O3 content and is often used in tiled stoves, fireplaces and pizza stones due to its high heat resistance.

The benefits of the Dschinni Shisha Phunnel Royal Clay Cup
Even heat: The clay ensures an even distribution of heat in the cup, which allows even combustion of the tobacco.

No Overheating: Due to the excellent heat management property of clay, the tobacco does not burn as quickly, ensuring a pleasant and longer smoking experience.

Easy to clean: The glaze layer on the clay prevents strong absorption of tobacco juice, making the cup easier to clean.

Effective Material: Clay is one of the best materials for hookah bowls due to its thermal properties and ability to retain tobacco flavor unchanged.

Longer smoking time: The horizontal tobacco depot in the Phunnel head allows the tobacco to be used more efficiently, resulting in a longer smoking time.

Minimal Tobacco Juice Leakage: The clay construction of the Phunnel head reduces tobacco juice leakage, ensuring a clean smoking experience.

Increased smoke development: The optimal heat distribution ensures improved smoke development, which intensifies the hookah experience.

Easy handling: The Phunnel head is easy to build and handle due to its construction.

The Dschinni clay head is compatible with most common hookah models, but it is recommended to check compatibility with your specific model.
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