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Dschinni Juice Catcher & Adapter

Dschinni Juice Catcher & Adapter

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The Dschinni Molasse catcher

The innovative Molasses catcher from Dschinni represents the latest generation of molasses catchers and is distinguished by material, design, quality and functions compared to conventional models on the market. The combination of glass and metal makes it more robust and practical compared to molasses catchers that consist only of glass.

The main function of a molasses catcher is to collect excess molasses and keep the water pipe clean. Of course it also serves to decorate the water pipe. But we have come up with a few extra things for this new generation.

The molasses catcher is made of the finest glass material on the market, namely heat-resistant and scratch-resistant High Borosilicate Glass 3.3, which is mainly used in laboratories due to the material's resistance to heavy loads. It therefore fits ideally with our products. The special aluminum alloy is anodized, free of burrs, has no sharp edges and therefore promises a long service life.

With the 18.8 ground joint adapter, the molasses catcher can be used on any water pipe that has an 18.8 ground joint. It is only necessary to unscrew the lower or upper adapter with the head seal and then attach the bowl between the upper or lower adapter and the molasses catcher. This way you can decide for yourself whether the molasses catcher should be placed above or below the dish. The molasses catcher tray can be used if it is mounted above the dish. The ground joint is precisely machined and has no play in the water pipe, making the outdated seals redundant.

A container is also integrated into the interior of the molasses catcher that collects excess molasses. The molasses catcher can be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned in every corner. The individual elements are not glued, as with cheaper models from China. At Dschinni, all parts are precision-made and durable.

The molasses catcher can also be firmly mounted on a water pipe using the screw thread and is firmly secured to the wall. To do this, the 18.8 ground joint adapter must be unscrewed and the molasses catcher must be mounted on the correct water pipe.

The unique design allows you to look through the window of the molasses catcher and see both the drafting smoke and the molasses. The tobacco leaves cannot clog the openings due to the construction of the molasses catcher.

The airflow and smoking performance are not limited by this innovative solution and you have a dense and beautiful smoke.

In addition, the molasses catcher can be filled with water and visually enhanced by adding food coloring. Plus, the water dilutes the molasses and makes it easier to clean up later.

The whole thing is delivered in an elegant packaging to complete the overall picture.

Beautify and optimize your water pipe with this beautiful and very practical accessory from Dschinni.


Easy to clean
Collects molasses and prevents it from entering the water pipe via the downstem
Perfect, clean smoking experience
Hookah is easier to clean because the molasses is collected
Perfect accessory for your hookah
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