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Dschinni Steamstones 0.5 Kg

Dschinni Steamstones 0.5 Kg

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DSCHINNI STONES are available in a half kilo jar. Shake the jar well before use and arrange the stones in your bowl as if they were traditional shisha tobacco.

DSCHINNI STONES are compatible with all types of shisha bowls, but we recommend Phunnel or Vortex bowls to prevent liquid from dripping into the vase of your shisha pipe. Sold in a 500 gram jar. Shake well before opening.

BLUE: blueberry and mint
BLUE RASP: blueberry and raspberry
CNDY BRZ: frosted candy
CNDY LMN: lemon, mint and candy
DA BOMB: lemon meringue and almond tart
EXOTICS: mango
LMN FRSH: lemon and mint
PE AR FRSH: frosted pear and mint
PINK LMND: grapefruit, lemon and lime
WATER FRSH: frosted watermelon
WILD BRRY FRSH: frosted forest fruits

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