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Dschinni Vase Powder Sparkling Powder

Dschinni Vase Powder Sparkling Powder

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The Shisha Sparkling Powder from Dschinni offers a unique option to make your hookah a real eye-catcher and at the same time give it a unique taste. With this remarkable powder you can not only improve the appearance of your hookah, but also provide excitement in terms of taste. Here's everything you need to know about this innovative Dschinni powder:

1. An eye-catcher for your water pipe
The Shisha Sparkling Powder is not an ordinary color powder; it gives the water from your hookah an impressive visual effect. Only 1-2 grams per liter of water are sufficient thanks to high-quality pigments that make every water pipe an absolute eye-catcher.

2. Tasty smoking pleasure
In addition to the impressive color effect, Dschinni Sparkle also provides a range of flavors. You can choose from a wide range of flavors that are perfectly matched to the tobacco taste. This makes smoking your hookah a real pleasure.

3. Easy to use and clean
Using the Dschinni Sparkling Pulver is simple. With just half a teaspoon you can color the water in the hookah as desired. With every hit, the 'sparkles' spread again in the water pipe, which creates a fascinating spectacle.

Cleaning is easy. After 1 or 2 uses, the water needs to be replaced, and the hookah is easy to clean because of its color.

4. All-in-One - endless creativity
The Shisha Sparkling Powder Dschinni offers endless possibilities for personalization. The set contains all your favorite Shisha colors: from wild glitter sparkles to juicy pastel colors from the Candy Color series to highly concentrated Color Drops. You can mix any color you can think of and let your imagination run wild. This turns boring water in the hookah bowl into a real highlight.

5. Visual stimulation with extra taste
The Shisha Sparkling Powder not only gives a visual boost to your hookah bowl, but also extra taste. With every hit, the small particles mingle and invite you to look and dream. Simply add about a level teaspoon of the Dschinni Sparkling Powder to the bowl, shake back and forth, and transform your boring bowl water into a fascinating spectrum of color.

With the Shisha Sparkling Powder from Dschinni, smoking your water pipe becomes a real adventure. You can not only make the appearance of your bowl impressive, but also explore new dimensions of taste. The high-quality pigments of the powder provide an impressive color effect, while the different flavors are perfectly matched to the tobacco taste.

Dschinni's all-in-one set opens up endless possibilities for personalization. You can create your own color mixtures and let your imagination run wild. With the Dschinni Sparkling Taste Powder, the bowl becomes a fascinating color spectacle, where with every hit the small particles mingle and invite you to look and dream.

Whether you are looking for a visual highlight or new taste experiences for your hookah, the Shisha Farbpulver Geschmackspulver Sparkling Pulver from Dschinni meets all your wishes. Give your hookah that extra something and enjoy a special smoking experience. Get the Dschinni Sparkling Pulver now
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