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Efendi Leather Tradi Hose

Efendi Leather Tradi Hose

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Efendi Tradi Slang

High-quality water pipe hose made of chestnut wood and with some special features. Here is a brief summary of the features mentioned:

Wooden mouthpiece: The mouthpiece of the hose is made of chestnut wood, which gives it an elegant and natural look.

Tip Reinforced: The tip of the hose is reinforced, which is likely to improve its stability and durability.

End piece: The hose has a wooden piece, possibly for a better connection to a water pipe or other smoking device.

Leather hose with fabric covering: The hose itself is made of leather and has a fabric covering, which not only provides an aesthetic aspect but also potentially makes handling more comfortable.

100% Handmade: The hose is made entirely by hand, indicating high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Natural colors: The color of the snake is probably natural, to emphasize the beauty of the chestnut wood.

It is important to note that the comment about smoking only one flavor indicates that the flavor may remain in the tubing and cannot be washed out. Therefore, it is recommended to use only one flavor consistently to maintain the purity of the taste.
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