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Electric Coal Burner 1000W

Electric Coal Burner 1000W

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Electric coal burner 1000w

In this article we introduce you to the Hot Plate coal burner - a clean solution to quickly heat up your natural coals and maximize the pleasure of hookah smoking. If you're tired of experimenting with hotplates and other unreliable methods, the Hot Plate coal burner is the perfect companion for you. Find out all about its features, benefits and how to use it safely here.

The function of the coal burner
The coal burner is specially designed to make your hookah coals glow efficiently and quickly. It works electrically and is easy to use. With the included coal grid, which protects the heating coil from wear, you can heat enough coal for several hookah sessions at the same time.

The advantages of the coal burner
The Dschinni coal burner offers some impressive advantages that make hookah smoking a pleasant experience:

2.1 Fast and clean annealing
With the coal burner you can get your coals glowing in just 5-10 minutes. No more long waits and no unevenly glowing coals!

2.2 Compact design
Thanks to its compact dimensions, the coal burner is easy to store and carry. Whether you are at home or on the road, it is always within reach.

2.3 Suitable for large sessions
The powerful device is ideal for larger sessions with friends. You can easily enjoy several hookahs in a row without long breaks for refilling.

Safety instructions
It is important to use the coal burner safely. Here are some basic safety instructions:
Only use the coal burner according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Make sure the device is placed on a stable, flat surface.
Do not touch the heating coil
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