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Ice ice snake bazooka

Ice ice snake bazooka

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The "Dschinni Ice Bazooka" is an innovative mouthpiece that provides chilled shisha smoke regardless of the weather. Whether it is winter or summer, this accessory promises a pleasant and refreshing experience for shisha lovers. With high-quality coolant and gel batteries, the Dschinni Ice Bazooka provides long-lasting cooling, making the smoke mild and refreshing. In this article we will delve deeper into the features and benefits of this unique mouthpiece.

Cool pleasure: The Dschinni Ice Bazooka provides a cool and pleasant smoking experience. The high-quality coolant inside the mouthpiece effectively cools the smoke, making it milder and more refreshing. This allows shisha lovers to fully enjoy their favorite tobacco without feeling the unpleasant heat of the smoke.

Long-lasting cooling: The Dschinni Ice Bazooka is equipped with optimized coolant pads that freeze very quickly and provide complete cooling for up to 90 minutes even on hot summer days. This long-term cooling guarantees an uninterrupted and refreshing shisha experience without annoying waiting times.

Two cooling pads included: Another advantage of the Dschinni Ice Bazooka is that it comes with two cooling pads. This allows you to enjoy the chilled smoke constantly without having to wait for them to be refrozen. Simply replace the used pad with the pre-frozen one and the shisha fun continues seamlessly.

Universally suitable: The Dschinni Shisha Ice Bazooka is suitable for any common shisha hose. So it doesn't matter which shisha you have - this mouthpiece fits perfectly and gives any setup a touch of innovation and refreshment.

Easy cleaning: Because the Ice Bazooka is made of plastic, cleaning it is extremely easy and time-saving. A big plus that does not spoil the pleasure of shisha smoking due to time-consuming maintenance.

Perfect for summer and warm locations: The Dschinni Ice Bazooka is particularly suitable for warm seasons or places with high ambient temperatures. In summer it promises a completely new and pleasant smoking experience, enhanced by the cooling effect of the mouthpiece.

Most effective method to cool the smoke: The Ice Bazooka is the most effective mouthpiece to pleasantly cool the smoke. Inside the mouthpiece there is a gel battery that cools the warm air from the pads before the smoke is inhaled. Compared to pads on the hose adapter or on the smoke column, which are often ineffective, the Dschinni Ice Bazooka offers a reliable solution for a cool smoking experience.

Money Back Guarantee: Dschinni offers its customers a risk-free purchasing experience. All items can be tested for 60 days. If a customer is not 100% satisfied, they will get their money back. This money-back guarantee underlines Dschinni's confidence in the quality and effectiveness of its products.

Conclusion: The Dschinni Ice Bazooka is a must-have accessory for all shisha lovers looking for a cool and refreshing smoking experience. With its long-lasting cooling and universal fit, it offers an unparalleled shisha experience that fully enhances the flavor of the tobacco. Whether summer or winter, the Dschinni Ice Bazooka is a reliable companion for all shisha enthusiasts.
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