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Kaloud Lotus I+ Color

Kaloud Lotus I+ Color

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KALOUD® is the reference brand in heating systems. The brand is known for the very first patented heating system ever, the KALOUD LOTUS I+® COLOR, which in recent years has revolutionized the world of hookahs with a particularly innovative system for regulating the burning of natural charcoal cubes, a system that previously only was reserved for a few. It also significantly reduces ash residue. Using coconut coal has become very easy, because the KALOUD LOTUS® takes care of everything, so no more surprises from poorly set up water pipes!

The new KALOUD LOTUS I+® COLOR version is even larger than its predecessor and actually allows the use of 3 standard coconut shells.

The KALOUD LOTUS I+® COLOR also has grooves to raise the coals to prevent them from being extinguished at the bottom.

The KALOUD LOTUS I+® COLOR is a patented work of art made from the highest possible quality materials with manufacturing technology usually reserved for the aerospace and medical industries.

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