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Khalil Mamoon Ice Eido

Khalil Mamoon Ice Eido

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The Khalil Mamoon Ice Eidco water pipe, part of the solid copper series, embodies craftsmanship and durability. Completely handcrafted from an alloy of copper and zinc, the device develops an elegant patina over time. With its Egyptian aesthetic and distinctive sound, it offers an authentic experience for lovers of the classic hookah style.

The addition of the ice cream pot under the ashtray is a striking feature. Users can optionally fill this with ice, which pre-cools the smoke before it reaches the water. This increases the cooling capacity of the water pipe and contributes to a unique smoking experience.

To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended to use natural charcoal, preferably in combination with heating systems such as the Beskar Pilot or closed systems of the Beskar brand. This allows users to enjoy maximum smoke production and experience the power of the Ice Eidco water pipe.

The technical specifications, including the height of 58 cm, emphasize the quality of the Khalil Mamoon brand, known for its handmade hookahs. With included accessories such as the traditional hose and Egyptian clay bowl, this hookah offers a complete experience for traditional hookah lovers.

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