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Coal Burner Hot Pan

Coal Burner Hot Pan

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Shisha electric coal burner: Efficient lighting with the Hot Pan

When it comes to lighting hookah coals, nothing beats the Hot Plate coal burner. With its impressive power of 600 watts, it enables quick and clean lighting of natural coals, both indoors and outdoors. In this article, we will delve deeper into the Dschinni Hot Plate coal burner and discover its unique features and benefits.

The advantages of the Hot Plate coal burner

Quick and clean lighting
With a power of 600 watts, the Hot Plate coal burner gets your hookah coal glowing in just 5-10 minutes. No more long waits and no hassle with matches or lighters. The coal burner does the job quickly and reliably.

Sustainable heating coil
The heating coil of the coal burner has a special coating that extends its lifespan. This means you can enjoy your coal burner for a long time without having to worry about frequent replacement.

Heat-resistant handle
The coal burner is equipped with a heat-resistant handle, which allows you to move it safely if necessary. You don't have to worry about the coal burner damaging your carpet or floor.

Optimized power cable
The included power cable provides sufficient distance to the socket to ensure maximum safety. This way you can use the coal burner comfortably and flexibly without worrying about the proximity of the power source.

Stable position
Thanks to the rubber feet, the Hot Plate coal burner is stable on any surface. This way you can use it safely without it falling over or slipping.

Application of the Hot Plate coal burner

Easy to switch on and off: The coal burner automatically heats up to full power as soon as you plug it in. You don't have to open the coal burner in a complicated way.

Preparing the coals: Place the desired number of hookah coals on the rack provided and let them rest for 4 minutes.

Even ignition: Once the bottom of the coals have ignited, turn them with tongs to ensure even ignition on both sides.

Compact and portable
The Dschinni Hot Plate coal burner is not only powerful, but also easy to store and portable. Its compact dimensions make it an ideal companion for your hookah sessions, whether you enjoy it indoors or outdoors.

Notes for use
Please note that the Dschinni Hot Plate coal burner runs on electricity and therefore requires a stable place to handle the heat development. Because the coal burner is a utensil, it is not covered by the legal warranty.
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