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M. Rosenfeld Hmd

M. Rosenfeld Hmd

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It appears to be a product description for the "HOOKARTIS Smoke Box", a hookah accessory. Here are the main features and properties of the product:

1. **Powerful Heating:** Thanks to 3 rows of holes, the tobacco is heated completely on the inside and outside. Get the most out of your tobacco cup! Up to 3 x 26 mm carbon cubes fit in the Smoke Box.

2. **Universal Fit:** Fits 99% of all hookah heads. Clay head, glass head, silicone head KS Appo, Saphire Hot Shot RT, Solaris, Phunnel, etc. Ideal for both small and large tobacco heads due to the innovative double ring bottom.

3. **Maximum Flavor Development:** Optimal development of aromas from tobacco, stones, paste, etc. due to the special shape of the accessory and the pure aluminum without chemical additives. No more burnt tobacco.

4. **Easy Heat Management:** Child's play thanks to simply turning or removing the lid. No burning and no ash in the tobacco. Goodbye aluminum foil and coal burner.

5. **Premium Quality:** Designed in Hamburg, made from one piece of aluminum with CNC milling, neat finish, beautiful design, durable materials and attention to detail. The best accessory for a hookah.

Milled from solid aluminum using CNC machines. Noble hookah accessories. A hole blown in the head and made by hand with precision. Quality for long-lasting pleasure.

**PURE TASTE:** The best material for a hookah bowl is glass because, despite the heat, it does not impart its own flavor to the tobacco like clay or silicone. Enjoy your tobacco without the afterthoughts of the cup.

**SIMPLE:** 1-2 glowing coals in the accessory, close the lid, wait 5 minutes and the water pipe is ready to use! All-in-one accessory -> no ash in the tobacco, no burning required, temperature control with the lid.

**UNIVERSAL:** HOOKARTIS Smoke Box can be used as the first German-developed accessory with 99% of all hookah heads. The innovative double ring bottom makes it ideal for both small and large tobacco cups.
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