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Neo Fast Coal 72 cubes

Neo Fast Coal 72 cubes

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NEO's coal makes it unnecessary to use gas or electricity.

In the Netherlands, the renowned company Three Kings produces NEO. They have unique expertise in the world of self-igniting coal and have an excellent reputation worldwide for quality and reliability.

NEO from Three Kings is a special product that meets the demands of natural carbon users and at the same time solves the problems associated with its use.

The product is carefully manufactured with raw materials that come from protected and sustainable forests. Special attention is paid to the stability of supply and control of raw materials to avoid any risk of fluctuations in quality. The entire process and production chain are subject to permanent and strict controls to guarantee a finished product of optimal and stable quality.

Each NEO block is impregnated with an ignition agent that causes it to ignite immediately, without the need for a coal burner. As the micro sparks disappear within seconds, the ignition agent completely evaporates and is replaced by glowing natural coal. Once ignited, NEO emits no odor or smoke, burns evenly and retains its original shape as it slowly decays to ash. The slow combustion ensures maximum operating time.

Unlike traditional natural cabbage, which is extremely dense and compact, NEO has a lighter structure that allows the cabbage to be aerated from the inside. This allows oxygen to flow through the interior of the charcoal, increasing its flammability and reducing the natural phenomenon of ash suffocation. This ensures a balanced and homogeneous heating that is strong enough for optimal use, yet moderate to avoid unnecessary consumption of the flavor. NEO not only avoids the unpleasant taste of burning, but also extends the duration of the session by breathing new life into the coal.

Each package of NEO coal contains 72 cubes.

Store the coals in a dry place at room temperature, out of the reach of children and pets. Protect them from water and humidity, and do not touch them during or after use. Use water to extinguish after use and close the package tightly after opening to maintain the freshness of the charcoal. The product is not edible; use tongs to light and never leave it unattended during use. Make sure that the coal is completely extinguished after use and no longer emits heat. Keep the product away from fire and other heat sources.
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