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Quasar Race 2

Quasar Race 2

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The QUASAR is a French brand whose flagship product is the first thermal bowl for the water pipe, the result of several years of research and development in water pipe technology.

The QUASAR RAAS 2 is a system that combines a bowl and an integrated heating system, which ensures optimal and even combustion of the tobacco thanks to the self-regulating heating, advanced technology and the double wall of the heating system.

Easy to use, the QUASAR RAAS 2 stands out for both intuitive use and unparalleled performance. Made of exceptional materials such as borosilicate glass, silicone and high-quality aluminum, it provides an extraordinary experience.

Novelties of the QUASAR RAAS 2 include a raised lid that allows the use of all types of coal (natural coal in cubes of 26 mm or 27 mm, self-igniting natural coal NEO). The internal diameter of the bowl has been maintained to preserve the exceptional and incomparable taste experience of the QUASAR RAAS system.

The composition and attachment of the various elements of the QUASAR RAAS 2 have been improved, increasing its durability and lifespan.

A notable difference of the QUASAR RAAS 2 is the improved airflow. The engineering has been revised to take maximum advantage of heating the coal without having to constantly replace it.

The QUASAR RAAS 2 also has reinforced silicone rings for safer and more comfortable use.

Finally, the QUASAR RAAS 2 has an elegant anthracite gray finish that perfectly retains heat and extends its lifespan.
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