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Shisha coal tongs 22cm

Shisha coal tongs 22cm

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The Shisha Tongs 22 cm for natural charcoal and tobacco made of stainless steel are an indispensable tool for the ultimate shisha experience. In this article we take a closer look at this handy accessory and discover why it is an absolute must-have for every shisha lover.

Introduction: The importance of the right tools
Before we dive into the details, it's important to understand the role of the right tools for a top-notch shisha experience. From choosing high-quality tobaccos to properly placing charcoal, every element contributes to maximizing the enjoyment of your shisha.

The Versatile Shisha Tongs: An Overview
The hookah tongs with teeth are a versatile tool specifically designed for handling shisha charcoal and tobacco. The ergonomically curved shape allows effortless use and ensures that your hand strength is optimally used.

2.1 Practical transport of cabbage

The main purpose of these tongs is to place the shisha coal on the shisha head and move it if necessary. The tongs with their tooth-like ends provide a firm grip and prevent the cabbage from accidentally slipping.

2.2 Perfect for tobacco and aluminum foil

In addition to its role in the transport of cabbage, the tongs are excellent for handling various types of tobacco. The pointed ends allow you to punch holes in the aluminum foil and accurately place the tobacco in the cup.

Sustainability and Quality
The shisha tongs with teeth are distinguished by their extreme durability. Made of thick, stainless steel, it is a robust companion for many shisha sessions. This high-quality construction guarantees that the pliers do not wear out even with regular use.

Comfortable Use
Maintaining the cabbage tongs is central to its development. With an optimal fit for your hand, it lies comfortably in your palm. Even in direct contact with hot coals, the tongs do not get hot and thus offer safe and pleasant use.

Stylish and Practical: An Eye-catcher for Shisha fans
In addition to its functionality, the toothed pliers also convince with their elegant design. The solid appearance gives any shisha enthusiast a professional look and adds to the overall experience.

Conclusion: The Indispensable Shisha Accessory
The shisha tongs with teeth are more than just a tool; it is an indispensable accessory for every shisha lover. Its versatility, durability and comfortable use make it an enrichment for any shisha experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also use the pliers for other purposes?
Yes, the pliers are not only suitable for shisha coal, but also for placing tobacco and poking holes in the aluminum foil.

How do I clean the pliers after use?
The stainless steel tongs are easy to clean. You can simply rinse it with warm water and soap and let it dry thoroughly.

Does the pliers fit in every bag?
Yes, the handy size of the pliers allows easy transport. With a length of 22 cm and a weight of only 56 g, you can easily store it in your bag.

Does the tongs discolour when in contact with hot coals?
No, the tongs remain unchanged, even with direct contact with hot coals, and retain their color and quality.
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