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Silicone Hose Carbon

Silicone Hose Carbon

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The Universal Shisha Carbon-silicone hose of 150 cm in black offers the best for your smoking experience! In this article we examine this quality product, which not only makes smoking more pleasant, but also convinces with its elegant design.

Quality that inspires
Our Carbon hose is made of high-quality silicone, which ensures long-lasting softness and flexibility. This means that your favorite tobacco is passed on 100% without its own taste, which guarantees a pleasant smoking experience. With this hose you can fully enjoy the flavors of your shisha.

Perfect fit and attractive design
This shisha silicone hose is not only distinguished by its quality, but also by its optimal fit. It is compatible with all common shishas and mouthpieces, which emphasizes its versatility. But that's not all - its classic and elegant design makes it truly eye-catching. Whether you smoke alone or with others, this snake is sure to attract admiring glances.

Comfortable use and effortless cleaning
The high-quality Soft-Touch Anti-Schmutz Carbon Matt surface of the Shisha Carbon hose not only ensures a comfortable grip while smoking, but also greatly facilitates cleaning. Dust and dirt have no chance to adhere thanks to this surface. This means less effort in maintaining your shisha and more time to enjoy it.

The perfect length for unlimited pleasure
With a length of 150 cm, the silicone hose offers a smoking experience without restrictions. You can fully enjoy your shisha, without feeling any limitations. Thanks to its dimensions, this hose is compatible with all common shisha connections and mouthpieces, which further emphasizes its versatility.

Technical details at a glance
The Carbon hose impresses not only with its design and quality, but also with its technical specifications:

Length: 150cm
Inner diameter: 12mm
Wall thickness: 2.5 mm
The dust-repellent Soft-Touch surface not only provides a distinctive grip, but is also easy to clean. Your shisha always remains in optimal condition.

Elegance and diversity in one product
At The Shisha Company Den Bosch we attach great importance to quality and elegance. The Carbon hose convinces with its high-quality workmanship and the exclusive pattern on the surface. But that's not all - we offer the Premium Silicone Matte Hose in a range of colours, including black, gold and grey. Choose the color that best suits your style and enjoy a first-class smoking experience.

Question 1: Is the hose really compatible with all shisha connections?
Yes, the Carbon hose fits all common shisha connections and mouthpieces.

Question 2: How do I clean the hose?
The dust-repellent Soft-Touch surface allows effortless cleaning. Just take it off and you're done!

Question 3: Is the hose available in other colors?
Yes, the Premium Silicone Matte hose is available in black, gold and gray.

Question 4: Can I use the hose on the road?
Naturally! Thanks to its optimal length and flexibility, the hose is ideal for travelling.

Question 5: Does the hose affect the taste of my tobacco?
No, the high-quality silicone hose transmits the taste of your tobacco 100% undistorted.

Order your ultimate shisha experience now with the Universal Shisha Carbon hose of 150 cm with silicone black mouthpiece. Order today and enjoy pleasant smoking with quality and elegance.
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