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Solaris Tobacco Head

Solaris Tobacco Head

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Discover the Solaris Bowl, an extraordinary tobacco bowl from the Ukrainian manufacturer Solaris that not only improves the performance of your hookah, but also makes a visual statement. With its unique "flower pot design", this bowl combines craftsmanship with style, making it an indispensable accessory for any hookah lover.

Features of the Solaris Bowl:

Stylish Design: The creative design, inspired by a flower pot, gives the Solaris Bowl a striking and aesthetic appearance. This will enrich your smoking experience not only by the performance, but also by the eye-catching design.

Compatible with Heat Management Devices: This bowl is designed to work seamlessly with heat management devices such as the Kaloud Lotus and Oduman Ignis Revo. This gives you complete control over the heat, allowing you to perfect every smoking session.

Optimal Heat Distribution: Enjoy even heat distribution, an essential element for a flavorful smoking experience. The 7 holes in the bottom ensure smooth airflow, allowing you to appreciate every puff.

Practical and Unique:
To ensure that the smoking experience always remains relaxing, it is recommended that you equip the Solaris with a flat, large tobacco head strainer. This way you are assured of an optimal smoking experience, while pieces of tobacco do not obstruct the airflow.

Each Solaris Bowl is individually finished by hand, so no two tobacco bowls are exactly the same. The featured product photo provides an indication of the type of tobacco head and serves as a representation of the unique craftsmanship behind each piece. Discover the perfect combination of functionality and artistic expression with the Solaris Bowl - your gateway to a unique smoking experience!
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