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Toast Coal Burner

Toast Coal Burner

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The electric coal burner Toaster for hookah coal

In the world of hookah smokers, the coal burner is an indispensable instrument for bringing natural coal to the right temperature quickly and efficiently. A new and revolutionary coal burner that sets new standards in this area is "The Toaster - De Kolenbrander Zwart". In this article, we will discover the salient features and benefits of this electric coal burner that delivers a premium smoking experience without burning your fingers.

Hot, hotter, THE TOASTER
The coal burner "The Toaster" is the epitome of speed and efficiency. The innovative technology makes it possible to heat up to six coals simultaneously, without long waiting times. The similarity with a regular toaster ends here, because this coal burner has been specially developed for water pipe coal.

Unique heating method
A special feature of "The Toaster" is its unique heating method. The coals are heated evenly not only from below, but also from the sides. This achieves faster and more even heating, so that the hookah session can begin without delay.

Electrical convenience
The coal burner runs on electricity and has a handy on/off button. This makes operation simple and uncomplicated. The detachable power cord allows convenient storage and ease of transportation.

Elegant design
"The Toaster" stands out not only for its functionality, but also for its elegant design. The removable stainless steel plate gives the coal burner a high-quality look and makes it an eye-catcher in any hookah lounge.
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