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Universal Shisha Juice Catcher

Universal Shisha Juice Catcher

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**Dschinni Universal Shisha Molasse Catcher to set up as a Cooler Head**

Using a molasses catcher has become indispensable for many shisha smokers, as it ensures that dripping molasses from the tobacco is collected directly under the headjoint. In this article we will discuss in detail the Dschinni Universal Molasses Catcher, which is distinguished by some remarkable features compared to conventional molasses catchers. Discover how this innovative molasses catcher takes shisha smoking to a new level and what benefits it offers.

**Article overview:**
1 Introduction
2. What is a molasses catcher?
3. Challenges of conventional molasses traps
4. Special features of the Dschinni Universal Molasses Catcher
- Suitable for any shisha with 18.8 joint
- No head seal required on the adapter
- Professional, elegant and safe method
- Easy to clean thanks to removable cap
- Efficient molasses tray for cleanliness
- High quality material and design
5. Why should you use a molasses catcher?
6. Conclusion

When smoking shisha we want to enjoy it unhindered, but dripping molasses can often affect the enjoyment of smoking. This is where the molasses catcher comes in, which catches the excess molasses, making the shisha and the smoking experience cleaner. The Dschinni Universal Molasse Catcher offers an innovative solution that overcomes some of the challenges of traditional molasses catchers.

**What is a molasses catcher?**
A molasses catcher is a device that is placed under the headpiece of the shisha to catch excess dripping molasses. This process keeps the water in the hookah clean and prevents unwanted molasses from accumulating in the smoke column. Molasses catchers have become an essential accessory for shisha smokers who want to enjoy a pleasant and clean smoking experience.

**Challenges of conventional molasses catchers**
Traditional molasses catchers are often made of glass and require a ground joint to the smoke column to attach them. This makes them unsuitable for many older shishas or traditional pipes without a ground joint. In addition, they often need to be secured with a silicone seal, which can lead to instability and discomfort.

**Special features of the Dschinni Universal Molasses Catcher**

1. **Suitable for any shisha with 18.8 joint:**
The Dschinni Universal Molasse Catcher sets new standards because it fits every shisha with an 18.8 joint. It plugs directly into the head adapter and does not require a separate seal, allowing for universal application.

2. **No head seal on adapter required:**
Unlike other models, this molasses catcher does not require a head seal on the adapter. Thanks to its innovative construction, it fits perfectly to the shape of the adapter and sits securely and firmly.

3. **Professional, elegant and safe method:**
The precise finish and high-quality choice of materials make the Dschinni Universal Molasses Catcher a professional and elegant solution. The mounting without silicone seal ensures safe and stable positioning.

4. **Easy to clean thanks to removable cap:**
The molasses catcher is easy to clean because it can be unscrewed and the cap on the inside removed. This way you can reach every corner and keep it perfectly clean.

5. **Efficient molasses tray for cleanliness:**
The tray on top of the molasses catcher not only catches the dripping molasses, but also prevents it from flowing into the bowl. This keeps the shisha clean and the smoking experience is not affected.

6. **High quality material and design:**
The molasses catcher is made of a special aluminum alloy used in aircraft construction. The anodized surface protects against corrosion and oxidation and ensures a long service life. In addition, it offers an attractive appearance that matches the shisha perfectly.

**Why should you use a molasses catcher?**
Using a molasses catcher has many advantages. It not only prevents molasses from dripping into the water pipe or onto the bowl, but also ensures perfect air flow and a clean shisha. This keeps the smoking experience pleasant and undisturbed.
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